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Learn More About SHSU Physicians in Conroe, TX

SHSU Physicians based in Conroe, TX is an extension of Sam Houston State University. We’re dedicated to continual research that results in the most advanced treatments available. Our multispecialty team is here to make sure you and your whole family receive the quality care you need. We focus on patient education without ever compromising our commitment to compassionate care. Whether you come to see us for an annual physical or need to discuss a chronic health problem, we’re ready to address your concerns.

Medicine Experts in Conroe, TX

Dedicated to a Strong Doctor-Patient Relationship

Doctor-patient relationships are a priority for us. We understand that visiting the doctor can be daunting for people of all ages. A strong, trusting relationship with your doctor relieves much of that fear and stress. We’re dedicated to cultivating lasting trust and confidence in each of our healthcare providers. We hope that this commitment will improve our standard of care and makes you much more comfortable at our office.

About SHSU Physicians in Conroe, TX

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of experts in family medicine, pediatric medicine, internal medicine, osteopathic medicine, and more. We strive to be able to address all your needs in one convenient location. If we cannot treat your condition, we’re always glad to refer you to a physician who can give you the care you need. Set up an appointment with one of our many physicians:

  • James Barker, M.D.
  • Craig Boudreaux, D.O.
  • Ouida Collins, M.D.
  • Lesley Gardiner, M.D.
  • Natasha Shah, M.D.
  • Candace Walkley, M.D.
  • Megan Woolford, M.D.
  • Peter Curka, D.O.

Scheduling an Appointment Is Just a Click Away

Want to skip the phone call? At SHSU Physicians, you can schedule your next appointment entirely online. Make your appointment from anywhere or request a same-day meeting with one of our healthcare providers. We strive to make the scheduling process as hassle-free as possible, allowing you the flexibility you need to navigate your busy day.

Make Your Appointment Today

Utilize our simple online scheduling system to request your next appointment at SHSU Physicians.