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SHSU Physicians Has the Answers to Your Medical Questions

At SHSU Physicians, we want to help people feel informed and confident about their health. We know it can be a complicated topic, so we’re simplifying it by answering common medical questions. If you have any questions or concerns after reading this FAQ, please reach out to us. We’re located in Conroe, TX and we’re happy to answer all of your health-related questions.

What Is Primary Care?

Primary care provides patients with a wide range of health services. Primary care physicians may either treat you directly or coordinate with specialists to ensure you’re healthy — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Why Do I Need a Primary Care Physician?

Primary care physicians make sure your overall health is taken care of. They assess any symptoms you’re experiencing, prescribe medicine, suggest treatment plans, and refer you to specialists when necessary.

Do I Need a Primary Care Physician if I Rarely Get Sick?

Yes. Primary care physicians provide preventative healthcare services, which can prevent certain health issues and help you stay healthy.

What Types of Services Do SHSU Physicians Provide?

Our comprehensive primary care services include:

What Should I Discuss with My Doctor?

You should discuss any health concerns you’re having, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. It’s important to be honest so your doctor can provide the treatment you need.

How Do I Choose a Primary Care Physician?

If you have insurance, check your health plan to find doctors in your network. Narrow down the list to a few potential physicians, then check each of their profiles and websites. Before choosing a doctor, consider their qualifications, location, office hours, and how busy their office is.

Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, or Primary Care?

Internal medicine doctors care for adults. Pediatricians care for children. Family medicine doctors (or family practitioners) care for adults of all ages and children. Internal medicine doctors take care of adult patients only. Your primary care physician will fall into one of those three categories depending on your age and specific health needs.

What Happens When My Primary Care Physician Is Out of Town?

Your primary care physician will still be available via telehealth services. If you need an in-person appointment, your physician will suggest a different doctor in the area who they trust to take care of your health needs.

How Are SHSU Physicians Different from Other Practices?

Our physicians have a broad range of expertise and can address most of your medical needs.  If we cannot manage a particular condition or concern, we will make arrangements for an appropriate referral to a specialist who can address your needs.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, we accept many different insurance policies. Call your insurance company or SHSU Physicians to ask about the details of your coverage.

If I Don’t Have Insurance, Will You Still Take Care of Me?

Yes, we offer primary care services to all patients, including those without health insurance.

Can I Contact My Physicians After Hours?

If there is a medical emergency, you can contact your primary care physician after hours by calling 936-525-3600.

How Will I Know if SHSU Physicians Is Right for Me?

The staff at SHSU Physicians is proud to offer comprehensive primary care services. If you’re looking for a team of doctors in Conroe, TX who can provide a variety of health services, we’ve got you covered. Our physicians and staff are friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable. We’ll make sure you get the healthcare you need, whether it’s primary care, dermatology, or a different medical subspecialty. Call us to make an appointment today!

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